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  • Monthly Archives: November 2013

    Has it Been a Year Already? REPOST #5

    I recently met this family again on a gorgeous fall day to photograph them a year later since we last met.  As I was searching through my photos from their newborn session I realized I had not posted them.  I first met them off the Drive while baby was still in mom’s tummy here. I was […]

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    REPOST #4 – Little Brothers Galore

    From late summer this session took place with another family of boys and yes, another 3 year old who did not necessarily enjoy his play being interrupted by a strange lady with her camera.  Oh, the tricks we grown ups use sometimes to catch the glance of a young man in the full stages of […]

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    REPOST #3 – An afternoon at the Shipyard Park with a family of 5

    I first met this wonderful family when I photographed their newest member here. Now, it is a year later and we met at the Shipyard Park in North Vancouver as the kids love to run in the open spaces.   I always try to find a location for our family sessions that has meaning to […]

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    Repost #2 – Summer of family photos

    I had a lovely summer of family sessions this year.  It was definitely a season of boys, followed by a fall of both girls and boys.  I was able able to see a lot of families again for a yearly photo update, which I love as kids grow so dramatically in a year and also […]

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    When Mom and Dad Marry

    I photographed a wedding this summer, on Canada Day, in the lovely Waterfall Building, for a family of 5.  Mom and Dad have been together a long time and have three beautiful children.  It was a very different wedding to be a part of.  It was actually the first wedding I photographed where it was […]

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