About sweet earth photographics


Our focus

sweet earth photographics is a green photography company that focuses on capturing detailed imagery and portraiture using photojournalistic style. I specialize in a natural approach to documenting the important moments in the lives of individuals and families. 


Our clients

sweet earth seeks to create a supportive, non-discriminatory environment friendly to a diversified customer base, treating every patron with equal respect. I operate with an awareness of various lifestyle choices by conveying an atmosphere of natural sensibility, coupled with creative vision, to provide a relaxed and unbiased service.


Our footprint

sweet earth offers eco-friendly photo albums to all clients who book portrait sessions. These proofing albums are handmade from recycled materials.  Also offered are exquisite 100 percent eco-friendly wedding books.

sweet earth operates with the goal to minimize its ecological footprint in all aspects of business operations while maintaining quality services and products.


The photographer

Shona Dion is a Victoria British Columbia based photographer and mother of two with over 10 years experience in freelance work. 

Shona’s body of work speaks of her passion for creative expression seeking to act as a witness rather than director.