I am a bit of an odd duck. In my twenties I attempted to remedy that. My camera became an extension of my psyche.  I attempted to reconcile traumatic events from my childhood. Photography granted me that space.

With education and experience I worked as a photographer.  I began in Vancouver and moved to Victoria in 2013.  When the time came to start over in a new city I didn’t have the drive. After taking a sabbatical from the business side of being a photographer, I decided to be vulnerable and start showing my own work instead of working for others.  I am an introvert you see and putting myself out there is not one of my strong points.

I love finding the quirky in the mundane; stumbling across an image that inspires my curiosity.

I love finding words out there in the world, not just graffiti, but messages. I imagine who and why someone left those words.

I am awkward and messy, an introvert and I love photography. Sharing what I like to capture has been one of my greatest challenges.

I created a line of cards and small prints as a safe way of introducing my images to others. At present I sell my work at markets in Victoria, B.C. 

Shona Dion