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    Wedding Under the Trees

    June can be a moody month on the west coast.  Normally I associate itwith rain and when you live in a rainforest you cannot expect it to be dry.  I embrace the wet and I was very pleased when Karley and Elise were determined to marry, along Lynn River, no matter what the weather.  Well it […]

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    Sweet Summer Wedding

    Jake and Danielle hail from other parts of the country, but decided to marry in Vancouver as it was a central meeting place where family and friends could all gather together.  They also decided on photos before the ceremony which gave us lots of time to relax and capture Jake’s large family (7 siblings, although […]

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    A wedding under the trees.

    Kip and Denise wed just off of the road to Mount Baker, just down the road from the spot they first met.  Their wedding took place under tall, dark trees on a somewhat promising spring day.  With family and friends close at hand to witness their union they met and celebrated with excitement and laughter.  […]

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    Beautiful summer wedding.

    This wasn’t the first wedding for our couple, but they definitely made it unique and their own.  Both had lost a previous partner and they honoured those missing from that day’s festivities.  What made it so special was that so many elements woven into their wedding came from close to home.   Without even intentionally meaning […]

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    October 10-10 wedding

    Eric and Vince waited for the perfect day.  They wanted their  10-10-10 day to be perfect and it was.  There was one hiccup though.  In planning an October wedding they rightly expected rain and both were looking forward to this.  They had a lovely red umbrella chosen that would go stunning with their dark suits, […]

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