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  • Family of 9 in Fernwood

    I donated a portrait session to a fundraiser for the Oaklands Sunset Market in April.  Last week the purchasers of the package and I met.  It was the most unique ‘family’ I had yet to photograph.  Nine roommates share a beautiful old house and wanted to document their shared co-habitation.  Most have been living together for at least 2 years.  The house was a lovely example of communal living with a great garden in the back and a most welcoming porch in the front.

    It reminded me of my days at 26th and Nanaimo in Vancouver, where over 8 years, in my 20’s,I shared my home with a plethora of roommates (20+, the longest being 3 years), before I settled down to start my own family.

    It was a very fun evening and I enjoyed meeting new faces in my new neighbourhood.


    VST Convocation

    Over the years I have done a considerable amount of photographic work for the Vancouver School of Theology.  I looked forward to convocation though as I see very open-minded theologians entering the world and this gives me hope.  I am not a religious person, but I respect spirituality that encompasses compassion, respect and tolerance.  I see VST graduates as forward thinkers who challenge the religious norms.

    Spring elopement

    A very simple yet elegant wedding ceremony from April…  the day began stormy and while I waited for Carolynn and Stefan to arrive I  huddled from the rain.  The ceremony was slightly delayed, as most weddings are, which was perfect as the clouds cleared moments before the couple arrived with hot glorious sun to stay for the brief ceremony and portrait session that followed.

    This was my first ceremony at Beacon Hill Park which has lots of little rocky hideaways for photos and we only had to wait/ dodge the odd visitor which was lovely considering our short time together.

    I am including just a small selection of images from this first wedding of the season.  This was just a small wedding, but full of laughter and silliness from this close knit group of friends.

    Yaletown Fall Family Session

    Some days we can’t avoid the rain.  When you live on the west coast it is inevitable that plans may be thwarted by liquid sunshine.  True westcoasters just roll with the weather.  I fully appreciate this family’s commitment to having their portrait session rain or shine.  We have had lovely fall days in the past, but this year we had to work with the drizzle and the Roundhouse Community Centre is not such a bad place to be on a wet and grey day.  Thank you to the three of you for sticking around despite the weather!!

    Summer Family Session

    For over twenty years Upland’s Park has always been my favourite spot in Victoria.  Every time I came to the Island I would find a way to sneak over to the park to wander among the wilds.  The landscape is stunning, the colours glorious.

    It is also a photographer’s dream, even on what felt like the hottest day of the year.  I was so excited to take family photos in among the rocks and the trees.  The heat threw everyone for a loop, but we did it and the kids were smiling!! woohoo, a success!