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  • West Coast Winter shoot.


    On the West Coast we are used to mild winters and glorious sunshine. I should clarify that last statement a wee bit. In Victoria, we can have glorious sunshine between the breaks in the storms.  Last week we had a day like that. Our photo shoot was postponed the day before due to rain, but the Monday brought sunshine and we took full advantage of the break to work on portfolio images for local model, Brielle Turpin.

    I love the area around Uplands Park and Cattle Point for photographing people.  I love the mix of colours, textures and wildness on the edge of the Village of Oak Bay. I will always choose to photograph here if I can because of the variety of backdrops.  Brielle and I worked around the different areas and she even walked in the ocean despite the January chill.


    From the park to the beach for a lighter backdrop.



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