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  • Bringing out the Silliness

    When I meet a family for the first time I think how would my kids react to a stranger who shows up with a big black camera and tells them what to do.   The little people are the most important aspect of family photography and it is key to get down to their level and make friends.

    I really enjoy working with kids and I try to make it fun for them too.  Some kids warm up right away and some need a little bit of silly time to relax them.  I am not afraid to be silly and what kid wouldn’t start smiling when a grown up takes the time to get to know them a bit and then encourages some lighthearted giggling.

    When we started this young man was very pleasant and smiled when I asked him to, but all our initial images were with a closed mouth.  He looked lovely and seemed very grown up for his young age.  The spot is at the Trout Lake Community Centre which has covered areas for a rainy day shoot.  I love this corridor as it is a safe spot for kids to be kids and the light is soft and beautiful.  It is also a great place to get one’s sillies out.  The columns provide great peek-a-bo areas and that is how I got this polite young man to play and give me the natural smiles that only his family normally sees.

     I was laughing too and despite the yucky weather around us we had a great family shoot. 

    Let’s not forget this young man’s darling baby sister!


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