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  • Beautiful summer wedding.

    This wasn’t the first wedding for our couple, but they definitely made it unique and their own.  Both had lost a previous partner and they honoured those missing from that day’s festivities.  What made it so special was that so many elements woven into their wedding came from close to home.   Without even intentionally meaning to make their wedding eco-friendly it just was because of their ties to their community.

    The bride’s dress was refashioned from her own mother’s wedding dress.  The beautiful wedding cake was hand-crafted by the two of them the days before the wedding. ( I learned a lot about what is involved in creating such a masterpiece.  I documented their efforts which eventually will be shown here.)  Lavender was a theme and the home-grown lavender decorating the tables was from the bride’s mother’s Island farm.  The soaps used as wedding favours were also locally sourced and handmade.  All the wine at the reception local B.C. wine.  The meat barbequed on site was raised cruelty-free and organic from a friend’s farm on the Island. 

    The afternoon was lovely on a hot summer day filled with their family and very close friends.  As the sun went down over Indian Arm and the reception came to an end I was very pleased to have witnessed such a meaningful event and to have spent so much time getting to know these two friends and bearing witness to their union.


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