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  • An old overgrown laneway and one delightful child.

    I have a dear friend in Victoria.  She has three lovely children.  I only see them 2-3 t imes per year, but I have known their mother for many years now and I have known them (the children) since birth.  They are a little shy, but as they grow older my relationship with them evolves, to the stage right now, where they are themselves in my presence.  It is notable, you see, because for many years they would treat me like someone who only saw them 2-3 times per year.  They realize that I am a permanent part of their lives as my kids are a part of theirs and I have fully reached the status as that silly (I hope) and accepting, crazy distant aunt ( a formality we don’t use).  I demand my cuddles upon seeing them and they fully submit to them now. 

    What always makes me feel very special is that the older two have always indulged my camera.  I have beautifully documented their lives since they were tiny.  I feel that they sit for me, or pause for me, and I am the only one they allow to intrude on their personal space.  They were shy when younger too, but none the less allowed me to take their photo. 


    The youngest has only recently fully allowed me into her world.  When we visit she will climb into bed with my girls and I and we will giggle and be silly.  We will read stories and she will sit and chat away with me and I feel very blessed to be in this ‘inner circle’.  It is only since earlier this year that this change has occurred.  So when I asked her recently if I could take just a few images of her in the laneway behind her house I had a very good feeling she would allow me. 

    I was quick and had my own monkey just off to camera right goofing off, but I am so grateful I was permitted to document this exquisite and free-spirited young lady.





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