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  • Mehndi Ceremony

    This was my first experience photographing a Mehndi ceremony.  As it was my first I just want to say that I was so honoured to witness such a beautiful and moving ceremony.  I now want to thank Rosy for allowing me to be a part of such an amazing ceremony. 

    Rosy and her lovely partner Dal set out to have a very eco-friendly wedding.  Those photos will come, I promise.  Rosy felt a tug between being true to her cultural roots and her modern outlook on a low impact and sustainable wedding.  Rosy and Dal wanted to show their community that an eco-friendly wedding was just as easy to have as any other wedding.

    But I digress.  I want to first show a few images from the Mendhi ceremony.  I do not want to understate how privileged I felt to be a witness to such an event.  Perhaps if I am able to photograph more Sikh weddings, events such as these will seem second nature, but I hope this never happens.  

    What touched me most was the aspect of tradition that is no longer necessary, but keeps the family tied to their historical roots.  Rosy explained to me the details of what each aspect of the ceremony meant.   As I am student of history I listened earnestly and was grateful to add more  understanding to my life experience.

    The Mehndi ceremony was beautiful and again, to witness the tradition, the singing, the dancing, was very humbling for me. 



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