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  • Woods and wilds of a winter afternoon.

    With the wedding fair fast approaching I am a little more than focused on the last minute details to take care, but when a gorgeous sunny and cold January day presents itself and the kids are done with staying inside, we take to the woods.

    Living in Vancouver is more than a treat on a day like this.  It may rain a lot in the fall and winter months, but as soon as the sun peeks out the whole population of the Lower  Mainland heads outside to celebrate the fact that it is not raining.

    We headed over to Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver and spent the next few hours walking, climbing and taking in this amazing space.  It is the end of January and we are out hiking!  woohoo.

    The kids didn’t stop moving.  The diversity of trails here is perfect for young explorers.  We walked up creekbeds, scaled rocks and came through paths that my kids thought were mazes with the salal growing high on each side.  It was a two and half hour walk and by the end the little monkeys were just starting to complain about being tired.  That afternoon was a reset in my mind.  My husband and I laughed at the antics and excitement of the kids and enjoyed the time together in the cold winter sun.

    My daughter is now posing for me and asking me to take her picture.  It is a little worrisome as I enjoy capturing the candid moments. 


    Hiking with kids definitely causes you to stop and see the wondrous world around you.  I was also fully educated on nursing trees and fungi . . .  someone is learning science at school.

    And then out of the forest to sit and ponder life while observing that incredible view.  Chocolate snack time also helps restock the energy supplies.

    We then return to the darkness of the forest and the kids sleep on the way home.  Like I said, a perfect day out with the family.

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